Micael Ferry

Michael Ferry is considered to be a seasoned Management Consultant after being involved in the evolution of initiatives both within the private and public sectors during these last thirty-one years with a hands on approach in contract administration, project management, project support services, high-level negotiations and bargaining, human resource management, sales and marketing and building regulation. Besides his professional background in these fields, Michael Ferry also possesses a master in Business Administration from Henley Management College. His pragmatic approach to issues and his analytical skills have always been a great asset to those who came across Michael since on the basis of these fundamentals he can plan and develop exceptional strategies.

Having founded the Project Management Office way back in 1994, an initiative between the Works Division of the Government of Malta, Malta University Services Ltd and the University of Malta to render project management services to the Malta Government on important local capital projects and having headed himself for 10 years Government’s Schools Programme, Mr Ferry is able to deliver projects within budget, on time and with the quality so much expected in accordance with client specifications. Besides, his ability to bring on board all stakeholders involved facilitates matters and identified targets give the desired results from the project inception stage to commissioning. Also, having been involved for over 24 years in the public service / public sector, 4 of which as the Executive Head of the Malta Council for Economic and Social Development (MCESD), Michael is sensitive to the local economic situation and to the Government’s financial constraints, priorities and targets on the basis of which he is flexible, excellent at keeping deadlines, able to create excellent working teams, calm and can work under pressure.

Moreover, in 2013, he was asked by the new Administration in Malta to establish the Building Regulation Office after taking up the appointment of its first Head, a building regulation institution that managed to lay sound foundations for the enactment of a wide array of legislation that concerns Construction Site Management Regulations, Third Party Rights in relation to Development Works, the transposition of the EU Directive on the Energy Performance of Buildings and the popularisation of the Energy Performance Certificate as a benchmark to rate one’s building in terms of energy performance.

Through an electoral pledge by the Party in Government, the Building Regulation Office was incorporated within the Building and Construction Agency where Michael was appointed to be its Vice President on its Board while assuming the responsibility of Chief Officer – Building Code, Policy and EU Affairs, a role he still occupies now that the Building and Construction Authority was founded.

In 2020, Mr. Ferry was appointed to serve as Secretary to the Real Estate Licencing Board, responsible to issue an operator’s licence to all those who work in the real estate industry.