Business+ (Virtual + Live) offer – 3×2


Business+ (Virtual + Live) offer – 3×2

The perfect choice for small companies that want to expand their scope by diversifying and dedicating more attention to each business area in order to maximize their ROI, opportunities and brand awareness.

The virtual MARE Summit will provide you with the perfect platform to expand your network, make businesses and get in touch with potential clients. Give a boost to your brand and create new opportunities by meeting other attendees (c-type level), speakers and sponsors from the local and international market.

Join us for two days of curated content that will provide insights into Europe and Malta’s future economies, the challenges and opportunities, technology’s disruption of the Real Estate sector, the role of co-working spaces, architecture and building environment.

This ticket includes full access to the virtual platform including quality content, multiple interactive options and networking tools.

Included: Identified as an Attendee, company logo on your profile, MARE Companies webpage listing, 2 days of speeches, panels & interviews, access to exhibitors and booths, access live speaker Q&As, 1-on-1 and group networking, customizable agenda.

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  • Full access to the platform
  • Identified as an Attendee
  • Company logo on your profile
  • MARE Companies webpage listing
  • 2 days of speeches, panels & interviews
  • Access to exhibitors and booths
  • Access live speaker Q&As
  • 1-on-1 and group networking
  • Customizable agenda
  • Welcome package



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