Wendy Jo Mifsud

Dr Wendy Jo Mifsud is a planner with an interest in participatory approaches to decision-making in spatial planning.  Her ongoing research follows upon her Doctoral dissertation entitled ‘A Study of Spatial Planning using Participatory GIS in the Maltese Context’.  Wendy’s academic and professional background has been varied, becoming an architect following the completion of an undergraduate degree in Architecture and Civil Engineering, and going on to gain postgraduate qualifications in Sustainable Heritage, Geographic Information Science and Participatory Spatial Planning.  Following a three-year period during which Wendy worked on numerous community-based urban planning projects in the UK, she returned to Malta and joined the Ministry for Transport and Infrastructure to coordinate various heritage-related initiatives. She is now a lecturer at the University of Malta, having also gained professional experience working within the Forward Planning Directorate within the national Planning Authority, dealing mainly with forward planning and strategic policymaking in the Maltese context.